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Operation Desert Storm


☀☀☀ invade enemy bases CAMP☀☀☀ In the hot, dry desert terrain, singing atmosphere blowing sand grain, you are ready to invade the enemy stronghold! Prepare full dare brave the challenges and terror.Your car, loading ammunition, assault rifles and align your opponent.An amazing game in Play Store now, try this full 3D eternal and uninterrupted war mission, and leave your kind comments and suggestions and honored. ☀☀☀YOU ARE camp PIONEER☀☀☀ You will be in a plain, only the right strategy and soul into the program will save you a huge enemy border. You are your team's core command pioneer ...... is yes! You have to lead your revenue in this dusty and sandy certainly have been the end. Prove their courage pulpit for you by force, and defeat the enemy. ☀☀☀ more MISSIONS☀☀☀ ofYou have different tasks at each stage is assigned to destroy enemy targets and to prevent regional strategic position occupied by the enemy. Thus, the process according to the policy of each task. And ready to enjoy the physical simulation of the track. ☀☀☀STORYLINE☀☀☀ A big bold task in front of you. In invade enemy base headquarters. Enjoy awesome full 3D UI. With unlimited ammunition powerful rapid rifle is available to you. Navigation and radar to find out the enemy and find on this barren land. Shield your health and longevity falls competitors. There are three stunning game level enroot enemy barracks. Gun range and shoot with confidence. ☀☀☀ highlights ☀☀☀ * Beautiful 3D graphics desert terrain.* Fire game music and natural sounds.* Best rifle and sniper rifle precision shooting.* Use swipe controls to aim.* Use fire button to hit the enemy.* Addictive, loving and fun.* Superb desert mountain with amazing animation Action Pack.* Background music to engage with a very realistic simulation, in order to improve your game.* Use the telescope and distant enemy.* Realistic visual effects and fight the world's best music.* Great graphics and environment.* New Mission at different levels and new HD environment.* Weapon fire anti-tank rockets and guided drone missile attacks.* Enemy tanks and heavy artillery against you and Artificial Intelligence (AI) operations.* HD phone and tablet support.* Military theme quality Army User Interface (UI). ☀☀☀ ready to take REWARD☀☀☀ There are multiple levels of desert combat shooting. Each level comes with different difficulty levels and different goals. A vehicle that will be your goal too with weapons and fighters move in the game. After you complete the task, you will be awarded the Grand Prix from your senior commanders.We hope you will enjoy this game, until your battery is complete. Always appreciate your comments and suggestions. Thank you for downloading. .